Spray the empty cup before you pour your coffee and you get sweetness without stirring.
No more gross sugar crust to break through to get to your grapefruit.
Sweeten cold iced tea or unsweetened drink mixes with no dissolve time required.
A couple of sprays in the bag and shaking, and you turn popcorn into KETTLECORN.
Flavored oatmeal packets add too much sugar. Buy plain oatmeal and sweeten it with a spray.
Plain yogurt has less sugar than flavored. Add fresh fruit and a spray of sweetness.
Spray slices of Granny Smith apple to mellow out that sour bite.
Add a spray of sweetness to a bowl of blueberries without adding calories.
Make tart strawberries sweet and juicy without adding sugar or calories

How Sweet It Is!

Enhance the sweetness  and flavor of any food or beverage with just a touch of a SPRAY! You are in control. Sweeten to your taste. Our Spray Sweeteners taste better and cost less per serving than all other sweeteners. PLUS now you have a choice of the kind of sweetener you prefer.

  • Sweet Spray – Tastes like REAL SUGAR!
  • Sweet Spray – one spray equivalent to one pack of Splenda
  • Sprayvia – each spray equivalent to 1 spoon of sugar
  • Sprayvia – made with Stevia Extract
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